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Junior Sailing 2024

Learning the Ropes from Local Leaders

Join us for fun sailing and racing as we show you the ropes and enjoy some friendly competition on the water.

When: The program will run M-Th 2p-5p.

Age group: 9 ~ 17 yrs

Fee: $100 SYC Members / $120 Non-Members.  Use discount code MULTIPLE at checkout to save 10% when signing up more than one child in your family.


No sailing experience required: Students must be able to swim and provide their own USCG approved PFD/life
jacket (preferably with whistle attached). Sunscreen is a must. Souvenir reusable water bottle will be provided on the first day for new Jr. Skippers. Each year that you attend the program you will receive a new piece of essential gear.  Returning Jr. Skippers please bring your water bottle.

Attire: Please come dressed in appropriate clothing. Rash guards are advised, as you will be on the water for long periods of time, so additional sun protection on top of the sunscreen would be beneficial. Sailing gloves are optional, but would be advantageous on windy days.

Footwear: Sneakers or water shoes are advised, especially around the dry sail area. Flip flops may be worn, however wear at your own risk, as these do not give much protection, plus likely to be lost should you capsize.

Additional items (optional): Sunglasses (plus keeper), hat & towel.
Cell Phones: We advise against phones on the water. In the past phones not securely placed have been lost in the water, these cannot be recovered, and there will be no attempt to do so.

Program is limited to 24 students.

Junior Sailing Prep Material



Drop us your question, and our program leaders will reach out to you.

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.

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