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Learn to Sail!

SYC Partners with U.S.C.G. Auxiliary Flotilla 19-05 for Basic Sailing | Sailing Skills | Seamanship Course

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Station Long Level and SYC have partnered to offer the public a learn to sail course. Beginning April 3, 2024, the course will run 8 consecutive Wednesdays. Classroom instruction and opportunity for an experience on a sailboat will offer attendees a solid foundation for a lifetime of sailing pleasure. Classes are open to the public, and USCG Auxiliary or SYC Membership are not required.


Q         When will the class be held?

A         The class will start April 3 and run every Wednesday through May 22 from 7-9p.


Q         What is the cost for the class?

A         The cost is $45.00 which cover the lesson work books. If a second member 

            attends the class and shares the lesson material the cost will be $25.00 for 

            that person. 

Q         Where is the class held?

A         The classes are held at the Susquehanna Yacht Club, located at

                                                       1730 Long Level Road

                                                       Wrightsville, PA 17368-9009

Q         What do I receive for taking the class and passing the test?

A         You will receive a Safe Boating Certificate from the US Coast Guard Aux

           and then are eligible to obtain the PA F & BC Boating Safety Education 

            Certificate Card 

           There are insurance companies that will discount your boat insurance when 

            The certificate card is presented.

Q         Does the class include on the water instruction?

A         The course does not include on the water training; however, the club 

            members who help to instruct feel it is important for the class to

           have hands on experience so after the third week we will invite you 

           to be our guest and go sailing from 5:00 pm to 6:50 pm before the class


Q         Can I miss any of the classes?

A         We ask that you make every attempt to attend all classes. If you are not 

          able to, you will be responsible to read and review the lessons missed. The 

          last night (May 20th) is the final exam. If you are not able to attend, you

          must make arrangements with the CGA to take the test at another time or 

          you will not receive a certificate.     

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