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Join the Susquehanna Yacht Club

Susquehanna Yacht Club is the hub for sailors, powerboats, paddlers, and socialites on Lake Clarke. As a boating-interested club, members enjoy expansive waterfront property, year-round clubhouse access, and great boating, all close to home. After your busy day on the water, unwind with a bonfire while watching fireflies on a summer night. But your experience doesn't end with your boat! Come join our Steak Roast, Chicken Barbecue, or The Commodore's Party and enjoy good food with great people. 

Prospective members should complete the New Member Application. After submission, our New Member Ambassadors will contact you, and answer your questions and explain our process. Prospective Members attend a monthly Board and Membership Meeting, meet the members in attendance, and the application will be voted upon. With a successful vote and payment of applicable dues, you will begin your year of fun on and near the water, while being close to home!

New Member Categories

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Regular Membership

Initiation Fee

The level of membership at Susquehanna Yacht Club provides all membership benefits for the member and family (including children under age 23), accrual of seniority, and access to rental camper space. Add on summer dry boat storage or harbor mooring, or Laser & Sunfish storage! Regular members can join the waitlist for a riverside camping space able to accommodate campers up to 32', and rent transient camper spaces for a few days at a time.

Social/Paddlecraft Membership

Initiation Fee

Want to enjoy the camaraderie of the Susquehanna Yacht Club but don't have a boat? Join as a Social Member! Social members have limited rental access, but can enjoy club grounds for launching paddlecraft. Social members won't accrue seniority, but can convert into regular membership. Social members are limited from storing boats or campers, but can rent lockers and paddle craft storage.

Junior Membership


Initiation Fee

Young boating enthusiasts between 17 and 21 years of age are welcome to join and enjoy all of the club facilities, but we'll wait for you to be automatically converted to a regular member at age 21 to vote and hold elected office.

Amenities Available to Regular Members

As Available by Member Seniority. Waitlist may apply.

Harbor Mooring with 
Dinghy Storage


Your ball and tackle in our harbor. Great for sail and power boats over 16'. 
Store your dinghy on an included rack space or use club dinghies at the docks.

Boat & Trailer Storage 20'.


Riverside space for your boat and trailer, accommodating LOA up to 20'.

Boat and Trailer Storage 30'


Riverside space for your boat and trailer, accommodating LOA up to 30'.
Restricted to power boats.

Storage Rack for Kayak, Laser, Sunfish


No trailer? No problem!
Keep your small boat on our racks for easy access.

Seasonal Camper Space


Keep your RV or Camper under 33' LOA in a seasonal space with (separate) power and non-potable water.

Seniority-based wait list applies.

Transient Camper Space


Bring your RV camper for a stay of up to 14 days per rental with electric service and non-potable water.

Dry Sailing Storage with use of Hoist


Store your hoist-capable boat on its trailer and lower into the water. Spaces are in the area of the Clubhouse.

Dry Sailing Storage for Sunfish or Laser on its trailer.


Keep your Sunfish or Laser on its trailer, ready for the water!

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